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We work on recreational vehicles of all kinds, not just ATVs, but motorcycles, OHVs, and even watercrafts too! Stop by today to work with an experienced technician.

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Complete ATV and UTV repairs

The whole point of having an ATV or a UTV is to GO WERE ARE FEET CANT TAKE US - whether that's forest, desert, or beach. Naturally, all that off-roading CAN take its toll on your engine. THATS WERE PPM CAN HELP!


Prime Performance Motorsports protects your investment in your recreational vehicle with expert service for any brand.

Our other services:

212537scr_c6fa7d9f90ed786 dreamstime_m_31090871

- Machine work

- Cylinders

- Boring, porting and polishing

- High performance modification

- MX Race Fuel sold here!

What we offer:

- Repair

- Maintenance

- Same day work

- Tires

- Parts and accessories